One of my favorite pics from the wedding (can’t wait to get the ones from my photographer!!) #wedding #firstkiss #happywife (at Locust Grove Virginia)
#Firstdance #happywife #wedding (at Locust Grove Virginia)


Alright! so as you can guess, this is a book giveaway ( i apologise for no merch.. actually i don’t..books are better. ) Now all these books up there i have read and highly enjoyed… so im not giving you any bad deals here….

  1. There will be ONE or TWO?!… i havent decided yet. Winners, who will be able to choose ONE book from each category.
  2. Reblogs and likes get you far in this game :)
  3. Feel free to ask questions
  4. This giveaway is international
  5. The books will be sent via The Book Depository ( so make sure your country is listed in the free shipping)
  6. You DON’T have to follow me… but come on.. i must be at least a decent blog if i have read such cool books, yeah? Lies .. i am lame and everyone knows it.
  7. Ends on the 15th of JUNE

The categories are…


and the books you can choose from are:

  • The Host- Stephanie Meyers.
  • The Selection- Kiera Cass
  • Legend- Marie Lu
  • The Maze Runner- James Dashner 

Poor james… the only guy author up there :P .Anyway. These are some of my favourite Dystopian/utopian ( not really utopian) book series.. and i am giving you the privey to become one with the horrid feels and pain these fandoms will bring.


and the books you can choose from are:

  • Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell
  • Adorkable- Sarra Manning
  • The Fault in our Stars- John Green
  • The Spectacular Now- Tim Tharp                                  

I honestly have no idea what genre this goes into… . Yeah. But these books are pretty awesometastic. and you wont regret reading them :3


and the books you can choose from are:

  • Vampire Academy- Richelle Mead
  • Shatter me- Tahereh Mafi
  • Ender’s Game- Orson Scott Card
  • I am Number Four- Pittacus Lore                                  

Again.. What genre? YA :P Yes.. More specawesome books that will make you wish you lived in their world and glad you don’t at the same time :)

ANYWAY! Best Of luck!. If you have any questions just ask :)… and if you didnt catch it before this giveaway ends on the 15th of July! :3 I also have no clue why i said follower giveaway ^ above… as you dont have to follow me :P i want followers who like what i post :) not just my giveaways.. which are gretter then ever :D ...


excuse me cat but omg your fucking ears are adorable what the hell

Old Hollywood hairstyles through the decades.

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Maurizio Cattelan, All @ Guggenheim New York in 2011/2012

All, is a collection of work he has done since 1989–sculptures, works on paper, photographs and prints–that wisely uses the interior open space of the museum, hanging the pieces from the ceiling in an intricate weave. Creating a massive beautiful piece on its own, the way the pieces are arranged, like puppets in a grand show, makes for a dramatic scene and emphasizes the variety and yet interconnected thread of subversion that occurs throughout his various pieces.


"Pierrot", short jacket, 1780s, France. The fabric is blue "Nattier" taffeta silk brocaded gold with "décors à la rivière". This "Pierrot" was often worn with an embroidered cotton gauze skirt. Fully lined with white linen. Pleated ribbon ivory silk faille on the neck and with 6 metal buttons to the wrist. Photo villa-rosemaine
A new breed of cat that looks like a werewolf and behaves like a dog has been discovered.


It’s called the ‘Lykoi’.  Due to a genetic mutation in a domestic shorthair cat, the Lykoi has no hair around its eyes, nose, ears and muzzle, giving it a werewolfish appearance.

The ocean is at our door!

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